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Cosmology Old & New: Being a modern commentary on the fifth chapter of Tattvārthādhigama Sūtra
G. R. Jain
Journal or book or series
Jñānapīṭha Mūrtidevī granthamālā: English series; volume 5
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Bhāratīya Jñānapīṭh Publication; 1991; New Delhi, India

A ‘modern commentary’ on the fifth chapter of the Tattvārtha-sūtra, which deals with substances and their qualities. Originally published by the University of Michigan in 1975.

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Theme Article
Principles Cycles of time
Images of the universe
Jain beliefs
Jain universe
Mathematics of the universe
The ‘Three Worlds’
Practices Cycles of time


Title Folio number
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (069.001) All folios
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (575181i) All folios
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (IS 6565) not applicable
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (Or. 13937) All folios