Find out about the Jinas or teachers of the Jain faith and the people who have heard their message. Monks and nuns try to live as the Jinas did while lay people support them and aim to follow the Jinas’ teachings in daily life. Discover the history of Jain studies around the world.


Explore the thinking behind this ancient faith. Jains have a unique view of the universe and understand all life is connected. Belief in the importance of the soul and life itself leads Jains to recognise non-violence as a way to overcome karma and the cycle of births.


Read about how Jains put beliefs into practice. Vows and fasting are at the heart of life as a Jain while festivals play an important role throughout the year. Worship comes in many different forms, with some Jains performing rituals while others prefer silent meditation.


Discover the major temples and find out about the Jain experience in India and around the world. Pilgrimage to some of the hundreds of holy places is popular while family life often centres on small shrines at home. Contemporary Jains show the vibrancy of living traditions.