Notions of time and the universe, the concept of soul, the workings of karma and the cycle of rebirth are tied together in Jain tradition. Progressing spiritually means understanding these ideas and how to live them. Practised differently by various sects, Jain beliefs are found in scriptures and symbols, with fine examples highlighted in JAINpedia manuscripts.


Known by two titles in the tradition, this rare text is a highlight of JAINpedia


In the tradition he finalised the Śvetāmbara scriptures at Valabhī

Aṇuvrat Movement

All faiths and backgrounds join this non-religious ethical movement

Scales of Perfection

The guṇa-sthāna and the pratimā map the route to liberation in clear stages


This sect’s name means ‘sky-clad’, from the nudity of their monks


Jainism aims to help the soul regain perfection and be liberated


All Jains accept this text as the only scripture containing the essential truths

Jain Mahābhāratas

This epic poem includes key figures in Jain Universal History

Eight auspicious symbols

The aṣṭa-mangala are found in art, temples, worship and everyday life


Written by Mahāvīra’s disciples, these scriptures have been lost for centuries

Jainism and scientific thought

Traditional Jain principles are valuable in modern science

Śvetāmbara Stānaka-vāsīn

This sect rejects the worship of images as a religious practice