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As a registered UK charity (number 1131173), the Institute of Jainology (IoJ) invites you to help realise the JAINpedia vision.

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Achieving the JAINpedia vision

With your help, we look forward to making the JAINpedia vision bigger and better in years to come.

The JAINpedia website is at the heart of the project, with several areas created to meet the JAINpedia project’s three principal aims of increasing knowledge among Jains and non-Jains, and offering academic resources. Each piece of content on the website is closely integrated with other parts, producing a seamlessly rich online experience.

The IoJ conceived the JAINpedia project in 2007 with the vision of making the Jain collections in major UK institutions more accessible to the public. The ambitious plan opened up these important holdings through public exhibitions, events and a media-rich website featuring over 5,000 folios and original contextual material.

Since its launch, visitors from around the world have used JAINpedia and given enthusiastic feedback. The JAINpedia site has had over 5 million page views, and it is often called the most comprehensive and respected online resource on Jainism.

The project has been supported by the Jain community worldwide and public donations in the UK. but now we need your help to improve and develop the website further.