The board of directors of the Institute of Jainology (IoJ) manages the JAINpedia project.

Executive Director – Dr Mehool Sanghrajka

Dr Mehool Sanghrajka is the Managing Trustee of the Institute of Jainology (IoJ) and has led the JAINpedia project from its outset.

He conceived the JAINpedia project after the cataloguing of the collection of Jain manuscripts in the British Library was finished in 2006. The completion of this 12-year project, which includes the holdings of the British Museum, the Bodleian, the Wellcome Trust and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), is a testament to the dedication of the scholars who worked on this task. Producing the catalogue was a milestone in the IoJ’s history, and its launch by Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace was the icing on the cake.

Although the catalogue brought much wider awareness of the collections, especially newer acquisitions, it had already become clear that they were not being fully used except by a few academics and learned monks and nuns. The challenge was a simple one – how to make this collection accessible to a wide and diverse audience?

Jainpedia has been designed to bring access to this catalogue, in all its facets. For most physical contact with theserare and fragile manuscripts is difficult. The languages used are also ancient and its meanings often require deep, scholarly knowledge.

Jainpedia is a rich online resource with some 5,000 folios from the Jain collections at the British Library, the V&A, the Bodleian Library and the Wellcome Trust Library. The digitised images have translations and transliterations and have been accompanied by commentaries, articles, and books from contemporary scholars.

We hope you enjoy!

Content and editorial

Editor-in-Chief – Professor Nalini Balbir

Nalini Balbir

Nalini is a professor in the Department of Indian Studies at the University of Paris-3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle and the Director of Studies in Middle Indian Philology in the School of Advanced Studies in History and Philology

Mentor – Late Professor Padmanabh Jaini

Mentor - Late Professor Padmanabh Jaini

The late Padmanabh Shrivarma Jaini (October 23, 1923 – May 25, 2021) was a renowned scholar of Jainism and Buddhism. He was Emeritus Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. His books have become standard reading in Jain university courses. Professor Jaini was a great supporter and mentor to the Jainpedia project.

JAINpedia v2.0 Team

Kishor Bhimji Shah

Kishor Bhimji Shah

Kishor is a Banker and has served the OAUK as Trustee, Area Secretary, Editor of Oshwal News and Web Chairperson developing and successfully launching a new website.

He is very passionate about Jainism and has produced Jain Exhibition, Jain Calendars in English and written various articles on Jainism, for the Jain Community.

For the Jainpedia v2.0 project, Kishor has been involved in the designing, creating new graphics, testing, reviewing, and updating content where necessary of the Front Page, Gallery, Timeline, E-Library, Resources (excluding glossary), About, Contact & Support Us and assisted with testing of Manuscripts and Reading Section. He has managed progress of items on the Snagging List and created the Pre – Launch and Usability Review checklists and has liaised within the Jainpedia v2.0 Team and Sachin Saini – main contact at Thought Agile

Shruti Malde

Shruti Malde

Shruti Malde has MA in Study of Religions (Jainism) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Her dissertation on ‘The Concept of Leśyā in Jain Literature’ was awarded the Dissertation Prize sponsored by N.K. Sethia Foundation. She has contributed an article on Leśyā to JAINpedia which is adapted from her dissertation.

Shruti also helps to facilitate the adult weekly Jain Classes for community

Shruti has worked on testing Manuscripts, Glossary and Reading section of the new website

Ketna Neel Shah

Ketna Neel Shah

Ketna is a qualified Montessori teacher, teaching children aged 2.5 to 5 years. She attends the South London SCVP adult Jain classes. She also learns about Jainism from different organisations and finds the JAINpedia website both educational and enlightening

Ketna has worked on testing primarily the 92 manuscripts, and associated Folios, of the new website. This involved checking that all folios are in order and images are clearly visible. Ketna has also worked on glossary and reading sections.

Neel Shah

Neel Shah

Neel is an IT Consultant. He and Ketna have been attending South London SCVP adult Jain classes for a few years.

Neel has worked on testing primarily the 92 manuscripts, and associated Folios, of the website. This involved checking that all folios are in order and images are clearly visible.

Neel has also helped on glossary and reading section.

Technical team and design

Thought Agile is responsible for design & development, creation, management, content presentation and delivery of the JAINpedia website. With Thought Agile you get access to large pool of experts who can understand your business needs just in time and guide you to build your businesses in a digital age.