Technical development

Technical development involves producing the technical framework that allows JAINpedia and related websites to work in the best way. The content management system (CMS) JAINpedia uses is TYPO3. It has been heavily customised so that the editorial team can create and manage content as flexibly and quickly as possible.

The technical team has designed and implemented the:

  • image database
  • metadata schema
  • CMS templates
  • custom functionality for the taxonomy
  • custom functionality for the thesaurus
  • custom functionality for the search
  • custom functionality for the navigation
  • custom functionality for the image magnification tool

The team has also carried out standard testing protocols as necessary.

This ensures that:

  • the database is scalable, flexible, robust and secure
  • the website conforms to benchmark accessibility standards WAI WCAG 2.0 (AA compliance)
  • the digitised images meet Library of Congress standards
  • the metadata for the images meets METS (LoC) records standards
  • intellectual copyright for the images and contextual content is protected.

This website has been tested to ensure compatibility with all major web browsers, from Internet Explorer 8 onwards. It is strongly recommended that you use the most up-to-date version of your chosen browser for the internet and this website, to make the most of the experience. Older browsers may experience some difficulties with certain pages of the website.