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Introduction: An Essay on Kundakunda, his Date, his Pravacanasāra and other works, etc
A. N. Upadhye
A. N. Upadhye
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Pravacanasāra (Pavayaṇasāra)
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Shrimad Rajachandra Ashram; 2000; Agas, Gujarat, India

The introductory essay to an English translation of Kundakunda’s Pravacanasāra, which is accompanied by the critically edited original Prakrit text and the Sanskrit commentaries of Amṛtacandra and Jayasena and a Hindī commentari of Pāṇḍe Hemarāja. It also includes a topical index and the text with various readings.

Third edition of a book originally published in Bombay in 1935.

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