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Steps to Liberation: 2500 Years of Jain Art and Religion
Jan van Alphen
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Etnografisch Museum Antwerpen; 2000; Antwerp, Belgium

Catalogue of the exhibition of Jain art called ‘Steps to Liberation: 2500 Years of Jain Art and Religion’, held at the Etnografisch Museum in Antwerpen in 2000.

Foreword by Pratapaditya Pal, with essays from Paul Dundas, Frank van den Bossche, Chris de Lauwer, Lalit Kumar and Shridhar Andhare.

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Theme Article
Principles Cycles of time
Eight auspicious symbols
Holy symbols
Images of the universe
Jain beliefs
Jain universe
Mathematics of the universe
Story of Śālibhadra
The ‘Three Worlds’
Writings on the universe
Practices Cycles of time
Places Jain holy places


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Aḍhāī-dvīpa (069.001) All folios
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (575181i) All folios
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (IS 6565) not applicable
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (Or. 13937) All folios
Jina images (Add. 26519) All folios
Līlāvatī (Or. 13457) All folios
Manuscript cover (IS 20-1978) not applicable
Śālibhadra-caupaī (Or. 13524) All folios