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The Bārasa-Aṇuvekkhā of Kundakunda
Chandrabhal Tripathi, Bansidhar Bhatt
A. N. Upadhye, Bal Patil and Dalsukh Malvania
Journal or book or series
Mahāvīra and His Teachings, volume VII: 1
Publication details
Bhagavān Mahāvīra 2500th Nirvāna Mahotsava Samiti; 1977; Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Pages 21 to 34

An anthology of papers by a variety of leading scholars, which includes quotations in Prakrit and Sanskrit. The book was published to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the nīrvāna of Māhavīra, the 24th Jina, under the auspices of the Bhagavān Mahāvīra 2500th Nīrvāna Māhotsava Samiti.

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