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Treasures of Jaina Bhandāras
Umakant Premanand Shah
Journal or book or series
L. D. series; volume 69
Publication details
L. D. Institute of Indology; 1978; Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Theme Article
Principles Cycles of time
Eight auspicious symbols
Images of the universe
Jain universe
Mathematics of the universe
The ‘Three Worlds’
Writings on the universe
Practices Cycles of time
Places Jain holy places


Title Folio number
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (069.001) All folios
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (575181i) All folios
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (IS 6565) not applicable
Aḍhāī-dvīpa (Or. 13937) All folios