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The Unknown Loṅkā: Tradition and the Cultural Unconscious
Peter Flügel
Colette Caillat and Nalini Balbir
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Jaina Studies, Papers of the XIIth World Sanskrit Conference series series editor Petteri Koskikallio and Asko Parpola; volume 9
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Motilal Banarsidass; 2008; New Delhi, India

Pages 181 to 279

One of ten papers on Jain literary topics delivered at the 12th World Sanskrit Conference, held in Helsinki, Finland from 13 to 18 July 2003. The conference was organised by the International Association of Sanskrit Studies and the Institute of Asian and African Studies at the University of Helsinki.

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Principles Śvetāmbara
Śvetāmbara Stānaka-vāsīn
Places Jainism and Islam
Jains and Muslim iconoclasm