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Siddhāntālāpaka (Or. 2137 ms. A)

British Library. Or. 2137 ms. A. Unknown author. 16th century

Snakes and ladders

Snakes and ladders (Circ. 324-1972)

Victoria and Albert Museum. Circ. 324-1972. Unknown author. Late 19th century

Śrāddhavidhi-viniścaya (Or. 2120 ms. B)

British Library. Or. 2120 ms. B. Harṣabhūṣaṇa-gaṇi. Perhaps 15th to 16th centuries

Modern page – shelfmark and provenance

Śrīpāla-kathā (Or. 2126 ms. A)

British Library. Or. 2126 ms. A. Ratnaśekhara. 1467

Auto Draft

Śrīpāla-rāsa and Gujarati commentary (Or. 13622)

British Library. Or. 13622. Vinaya-vijaya and Yaśo-vijaya. 17th to 18th centuries

Sūri-mantra-paṭa (065.001)

Royal Asiatic Society. 065.001. Unknown author. 1449

Tattva-bodha-prakaraṇa (Or. 2112 ms. B)

British Library. Or. 2112 ms. B. Haribhadra. Perhaps 15th century

Paper manuscript cover

Triṣaṣṭi-śalākā-puruṣa-caritra (Beta 1689)

Also known as Śvetāmbara Jain Rāmāyaṇa. Beta 1689. Wellcome Trust Library. Hemacandra. 1601

A universal gathering and monastic discipline

Uttarādhyayana-sūtra (IS 2-1972)

Victoria and Albert Museum. IS 2-1972. Unknown author. Circa 1450

Auto Draft

Uttarādhyayana-sūtra (Or. 13362)

British Library. Or. 13362. Unknown author. Perhaps 15th century

Indrabhūti Gautama

Uttarādhyayana-sūtra (Or. 13476)

British Library. Or. 13476. Unknown author. 1537

Final colophon

Uttarādhyayana-sūtra (Prakrit c.1)

Bodleian Library. Prakrit c.1. Unknown author. 1465 CE

Victory banner

Victory banner (IM 89-1936)

Victoria and Albert Museum. IM 89-1936. Unknown author. 1447

Vijñapti-patra (Or. 16192)

British Library. Or. 16192. Unknown author. 1744

Title page

Vītarāga-stotra with commentary (MS. Sansk. d. 317)

Bodleian Library. MS. Sansk. d. 317. Hemacandra. 1778