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A man and a woman stand inside a building. The man is gesturing while the woman sits preparing food. Outside two male figures search in the forest.

Back from the forest, Guṇadhara, one of the seven brothers who feature in this tale, asks his sister-in-law about his sickle. She is preparing the evening meal. He then returns to the forest looking for the sickle he has forgotten to bring back.

Other visual elements

This Ādityavāravratakathā manuscript is highly decorative. There are broad floral borders round both the picture and the text while the writing is set within a colourful garden.


The elaborate script used for the main text is the Jaina Devanāgarī script. It is used for writing numerous Indian languages, although here it is used for Gujarati and Hindi.

There are a few notable features of this script:

  • it is an old type in the way the sounds e and o are notated when used with a consonant, known as pṛṣṭhamātrā script
  • the red vertical lines within the text divide the long sentences into smaller parts, but are not necessarily punctuation marks.