There is no text on this page. Sometimes Jain manuscripts have purely decorative pages, such as this one, either before the text starts or after it has finished. Such pages are like covers. Here it is the opening cover, before the text starts.

As a rule, such pages do not depict any scene. They demonstrate ornamental motifs created using several geometric shapes. The shape on this page does not show any special item or holy symbol. It cannot be said to have any specific relationship with the text on the following pages. However, it functions as an auspicious symbol. Decorative motifs are often intricate, as if to underline the idea of abundance and wealth. Colours – here red and yellow – are lavishly used in harmonious patterns. Here the main forms evoke the shape of flowers. In this manuscript, a similar page is found at the end, but with different designs.

On the left and right are the margins, which border the inner space where the text is written in the main part of the manuscript.