This rectangular red satin cover is the back cover of a manuscript and may date back to the late 19th century. An ornate border embroidered on all four sides functions as a frame. There are eight finely sewn pictures in individual compartments.

Moving from left to right, the images are as follows:

  • svastika
  • śrīvatsa
  • nandyāvarta
  • powder box or flask – vardhamānaka
  • throne – bhadrāsana
  • full water-jug – kalaśa
  • pair of fish – matsyayugma
  • mirror – darpaṇa.

These are the eight auspicious symbolsaṣṭa-mangala – of the Śvetāmbaras. The symbols are found in Jain religious tradition. Together with the 14 dreams of the mother of a Jina-to-be, they have frequently decorated manuscript covers – pāṭhuṃ in Gujarati – since the 18th century.

In this case, the 14 dreams are depicted on the front manuscript cover.