A man and a woman lie on a luxurious bed. Above them is an ornate roof. Two attendants are shown on each side.

Invited by his wife Amṛtamati, King Yaśodhara has entered the ladies’ apartments. He is head over heels in love and feels very lucky. The king and queen are in the bedchamber while servants wait outside.

The long protruding eye is a typical feature of western Indian painting. Its origin is unclear.

Other visual elements

This is a good example of an average manuscript. A red background is used for the painting but there is no use of gold, intricate design elements or elaborate script.

The bottom of the right margin contains the number 4, which is the folio number.

In the upper and lower margins there are syllables missing from the main text, or corrections. The number before them is the line number where they should be inserted.


The script used for the main text is the Jaina Devanāgarī script. It is used for writing numerous Indian languages, here Apabhraṃśa Prakrit.